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Pick up to 4 letters for the medium 2″ flags or pick up to 3 letters for the 3″ flags

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Dress your car or truck with Maritime Signal Flags! Black or white metal tag adorned with 1-4 signal flags. You choose up to 3 large size 3″ x 3″ flags or you choose up to 4 medium 2″ x 2″ flags. Either way, it is the same price! Pictured here, the 3 larger flags spell “L-O-L” also known as laughing out loud. The 4 medium flags are the initials P-B-Y-C for Palm Beach Yacht Club. All signal flags come permanently attached to the tag. You install.

Please think this through carefully! I can tell you from past experience that white signal flags look best on a black background. Im just saying! And don’t forget, you can pick number pennants 0-9, a divers down flag or a red heart. So many choices!

Dare I say there it? There are two disclaimers here…..1. H2 HUMMER not included in price of tag and 2. Don’t have a front fender bender.

Additional information

Choose your metal tag

Black, White

Choose the size of your flags

large 3×3, medium 2×2


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