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Priced and sold singularly, but shown here as a set. This is the Port & Starboard bottle opener. Perfect credit card size and made from Stainless steel. Shown here, these bottle openers have a 2″ glass signal flag letter “P” & “S” for…. what else? Port and Starboard. A must have for any bar, boat or yachtsman’s home. A conversation starter. Ask the Captain which is the letter P and which is the letter S. He has a 50/50 chance of getting it correct. Go ahead, make a wager and bet. Need a hint? Blue with the white middle square is the letter “P” and white with the blue middle square is “S”. Feel free to choose different signal flag letters instead of “P” or “S”. At only $15 each, buy additional openers for your drinking & boating friends because they are going to steal yours!


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